How can FieldWorks help me?

You’re a busy person, but you’re conscious about what happens in the world. You want to contribute what you have to make the world a better place, but finding a “good” charity is turning out to be complex. There’s something that just doesn’t sit right with you with the international non-profits, but what’s the alternative? Finding a non-profit who is not a brand name or not registered in your country can be so time consuming that it demotivates you to give. We can help you with that.

If you believe

  • in the opinion of beneficiaries and partners in how good a local NGO is
  • in “impact” based on outputs AND outcomes
  • in funding that doesn’t restrict “admin costs” arbitrarily
  • in NGOs that learn through failure
  • in local NGOs who want more than just money

Then FieldWorks is for you.

We’re in the process of building our platform.  If you’d like to know when we go live or be an early tester of our platform sign up to our mailing list. We don’t spam and if you don’t want to receive our occasional newsletter you can opt out.



If you’d like to know more about how we determine a “good” NGO our Confidence Profile answers many of these questions. We aim to ensure that whoever you support has the confidence of it’s beneficiaries and it’s partners, and the right structures in place.