Championing grassroots organisations

We know how hard it can be to find the right support, unconditional and reliable.  For those that can meet all the criteria there are many platforms out there that offer opportunities to get funding or find volunteers.  But these often cause you more work than the benefit they provide.

FieldWorks is a social enterprise that champions trusted “local NGOs” and connects you to the global knowledge and financial capital of people who believe in locally led social-change.

If you are interested in creating a community of local NGOs to share experiences and knowledge; in being part of a platform where you can demonstrate that you are more accountable to your communities than international NGOs; and accessing skilled support and funding from individuals around the world then we can help,

Then FieldWorks is for you.



What can FieldWorks do for grassroots organisations?

We believe

  • in the opinion of beneficiaries and partners in how “good” an NGO is
  • in “impact” based on outputs AND outcomes
  • that a “good”: NGO isn’t based on reaching more people than everyone else
  • in funding that doesn’t restrict “admin costs” arbitrarily
  • in NGOs that learn through failure
  • in local NGOs who want more than just money

We want to challenge the established international aid system by removing, for smaller, local NGOs some of the barriers to accessing resources and demonstrating the more sustainable outcomes these can achieve.

We cannot truly say we work for local NGOs if we do not open ourselves up to criticism and collaboration from those we seek to serve. It is like designing a project without speaking to your beneficiaries and communities.  These are the working assumptions and solutions we currently have based on our interviews and field visits.



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