A Common Due Diligence

Every year hundreds of grant-making institutions launch a rigorous application processes for potential NGO partners.  Those that make the short list, go through a further due diligence and final selection.

Eventually a handful are chosen and the rest discarded.



How much money could be saved and reinvested in locally-led social change, if application and vetting procedures were standardised and consolidated into a single platform accessible to all?


Assuming that a moderately successful NGO applies and gets to the final round for 5 grants you’re looking at almost 25 working days lost to application forms.  And that doesn’t factor in those where the application may have been rejected in the earlier stages.


But what if the baseline information of one unsuccessful NGOs was available to another foundation?  What if there was a single database of profiled NGOs that allowed a foundation to focus on the programmatic alignment, objectives, and strategy?



We are looking for a group of pioneering and visionary foundations to be part of a project that will reduce wastage, increase diversity and ultimately amplify locally-led social change.  The project will focus on

  • developing a standardised baseline profiling tool that addresses the common information requirements of most grant-makers
  • a database for gathering this info
  • establishing a commercial vehicle with those founding partners to license the tool and access to the database

If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to email us on hello@fieldworks.info