Finding the right partner

Have you ever had a bad relationship and don’t have the resources or time to risk another?  Did the glossy Annual Report or high “impact” figures not reflect the reality of service being provided?


Often, if someone had taken the time to speak to the beneficiaries or staff you might have discovered that your values and objectives were not aligned.  It is assumed that just because an organisation is doing good, they are doing well. Unfortunately it isn’t.


One of the strongest assets of a local NGO is their connection to, and collaboration with, the communities they work to support. This relationship built over time, that mobilises members of communities, should be the essence of determining whether an NGO is good or not. If a company’s brand is built on the trust of its customers then a non-profit’s should be based on those of their beneficiaries.

Our confidence profile takes a snapshot of the overall health of an organisation and can be considered as an exercise in ‘ground-truthing‘. This snapshot is converted into a series of indexes for 6 attributes designed to provide a balanced assessment of an NGO based on both what its end users and partners think of them, as well as their structural systems and procedures.

If you are a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) director, foundation, or other grant-making institution FieldWorks can help you find and profile local non-profit partners, allowing you to focus on the programme objectives and strategy for collaboration.




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Also we are looking for a group of pioneering and visionary foundations to be part of a project that will reduce wastage, increase diversity and ultimately increase social change.  Interested in a Common Due Diligence?