Who are we?

What could the impact be if local NGOs had access to more than just the financial capital, but also knowledge capital of global citizens to achieve their social mission?

What if the NGOs were measured by their end-user outcomes and feedback rather than their donor-driven outputs?



FieldWorks was born from the frustrations of having worked in a system that feared losing what it had more than it dreamed of what it could achieve.  The landscape of social change actors, and the means with which to support those, has changed drastically over the last 80 years. International NGOs are necessary and play a vital role, but sometimes, not always and not in all contexts.

There are over 10 million alternatives that work each day to make their communities a little bit better and are better placed to see it through.  But they are overlooked because they don’t have the right exposure.  Their unique value of delivering community supported solutions is lost in the little understood arguments  of “impact”, “admin costs”, and “scale”

We exist to serve

We champion trusted local NGOs to connect them to the global knowledge and financial capital of people who believe in locally led social change.

All our resources are used to create an end-user-data driven, trusted eco-system that rewards locally-led NGOs because they do good work by their beneficiaries.  We aim to do what is necessary so that trusted NGOs have the opportunities to access the global resources they need, so they can achieve, scale and prove their social mission accountably to both their end-users and their donors.




This is the age of decentralised, locally-led, globally-supported change movements that don’t require a bulky intermediary.


This is the age of local.


This is FieldWorks.