Who We Are

FieldWorks was founded by a couple of humanitarian aid workers who were tired of being part of a system that prioritises the needs and aspirations of donors over those of the communities which they purport to serve. We’ve seen first hand how ‘partnerships’ are rarely truly aligned to the needs and interests of the local actors on the ground. We created FieldWorks to take action to disrupt the status-quo.


Chris Man                                                       

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Chris ‘aka the Sceptic’ is an ex-management consultant turned aid-worker. He has worked with international NGOs such as Save the Children, Christian Aid, and ACTED. Disgruntled by the self-serving rhetoric, inefficiency, and short-sightedness of the system, Chris believes in Humanitarianism (just not the system), data, efficiency, standardisation, and innovation. Loves Excel. 


Federico Motka

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Federico ‘aka the Idealist’ is a veteran aid-worker from war zones to natural disasters, from Afghanistan to Myanmar and Haiti. His career has included work with ACTED, Welthungerhilfe, and Impact Initiatives. Irritated by the lack of real accountability to beneficiaries and big brand INGO marketing, Federico believes in the impact of grassroots organisations and the rights of recipients of aid. Loves Maps.