Championing Local

What would the impact on communities be if local grassroots organisations had access to the same human and financial resources of their global non-profit counterparts? Local, grassroots organisations are best placed to address the needs within their communities, because they are part of the same fabric of society. Just like you are in yours. If you believe in locally-led social change, we want to help you find, trust and invest in the right partner

FIND Local Alternatives

As an INDIVIDUAL sometimes you don’t have time to sift through the information. Yet local organisations can be just as effective as the big players we traditionally know and trust.

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A TRUST Ecosystem

As an NGO finding people you can rely on for support is difficult. Our platform provides all users with information upon which trust can be built. Find out how we champion local.

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INVEST in Partnerships

As a BUSINESS or FOUNDATION finding good shared value partnerships that go beyond money can be difficult. Our unique approach helps you find out what the end-users think

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 Providing an Alternative

Providing an Alternative

Our knowledge and understanding of humanitarian aid and development is dominated by international brands who control the vast majority of resources and processes within the sector - often to the detriment of the local organisations who can have the greatest impact on the lives of the people we seek to support through our charitable engagement.

FieldWorks will create a platform that will make it easier for you to find local organisations based on what you are interested and passionate about. Every organisation you discover will have a profile where you will be able to find out more about their work, capacities, challenges and needs. So that you can make the choice of who to invest in, and most importantly how best your engagement can positively impact locally led social change.

Developing a Trust Ecosystem

Being able to identify a local organisation to engage with can be difficult, particularly when you know very little about them. Our network is based on trust and sharing of information to avoid duplication and increase impact. We help organisations understand their capacity, strengths and challenges, so that when support is given, it is given with purpose.

Building Human-Centred Relationships

"To change everything, we need everyone"