Championing Local

Local organisations are overshadowed by international agencies. They are victims of donor policies that don’t reflect realities on the ground and struggle to find the resources that they need. At FieldWorks we believe that aid should be accountable to the people it serves, and that local organisations should have a platform on which to voice their needs. We want to make it easier for you to FIND, TRUST, and understand what you can do to reach out and SUPPORT them.

FIND Local Alternatives

Local Organisations can be just as effective as the big players we traditionally know and trust. They just need a PLATFORM from which their voices can be heard.

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A TRUST Ecosystem

Trust is not only earned but also exchanged. Our METHODOLOGY and platform provides all users with information upon which the basis of trust can be built.

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INVEST via Human Relationships

We aim to encourage people to invest in PARTNERSHIPs with organisations, by building strong ties and long-lasting relationships based on shared interests and common values.

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 Providing an Alternative

Providing an Alternative

Our knowledge and understanding of humanitarian aid and development is dominated by international brands who control the vast majority of resources and processes within the sector - often to the detriment of the local organisations who can have the greatest impact on the lives of the people we seek to support through our charitable engagement.

FieldWorks will create a platform that will make it easier for you to find local organisations based on what you are interested and passionate about. Every organisation you discover will have a profile where you will be able to find out more about their work, capacities, challenges and needs. So that you can make the choice of who to invest in, and most importantly how best your engagement can positively impact locally led social change.

Developing a Trust Ecosystem

Being able to identify a local organisation to engage with can be difficult, particularly when you know very little about them. FieldWorks will work with local organisations to develop a confidence profile so that donors can understand their capacity, strengths and challenges. We will make it possible for aid recipients and users to give independent feedback on the work the organisation is doing, providing a transparent accountability mechanism. Finally we will allow professionals offering pro-bono skills to be rated on the work they provide because the quality of their work and commitment is as important as that of the organisation delivering aid to beneficiaries.

Building Human-Centred Relationships

Charitable support has unfortunately been reduced to passive engagements via one-off financial donations. Through our platform and an honest use of media to report back on IMPACT, our users will be able to connect with local organisations in a more personal way. One that raises awareness of the community initiatives, needs, and the challenges of their environment. By developing a chapter and partner network FieldWorks will allow people to get directly involved with those charities who are looking for support, either by participating on specifically defined challenges or having their skills matched to defined pieces of work.

Amplifying Social Change that is Locally Led and Globally Followed